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Do you have a question? We have listed the frequently asked questions. Check here if it’s among them!

Eating at 't Zusje
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Eating at 't Zusje

It is certainly possible to eat in our restaurants with an allergy, our kitchen team will do their very best to take your allergy into account. However, we cannot completely guarantee that a dish does not contain traces of a substance you are allergic to. We have special tapas lists for various allergies so that you can check what you can eat.

We offer a full evening’s experience, and so we only take one booking for each table per evening.You can book from 17:30, and can order hot dishes until 22:30, while desserts are available until 23:00. During the evening, you can order two dishes per person per order list. You can look at our tapas menu on our website, to get an idea of the dishes we serve.

When you come to enjoy our tapas, this does not include drinks.

From 10 people, it is possible to book a drinks package. This can be noted when you make your reservation.

You can order 2 dishes per person per order list, with the option of ordering a salad or French fries as extra.

You can certainly eat at our restaurants while you are pregnant. Our kitchen team will do their very best to take your pregnancy into account. We have a special tapas list so that you can check what you can eat.

Yes, you do. At ’t Zusje our primary aim is to surprise and pamper our guests. An evening at ’t Zusje is an evening out, a culinary experience, and this is what we focus on. It is not just the choice of dishes and the fact that you can order small dishes all evening long, but it is also a question of the presentation, the entourage, the friendliness and hospitality of our staff and the little extras we offer our guests.

All these aspects make an evening at ’t Zusje a real experience, which each person can naturally appreciate in their own way. After all, everyone has different expectations!

We are happy to fit in with these and try to be as flexible as possible in what we do. Our efforts focus on creating an enjoyable evening for all our guests. So an evening at ’t Zusje is so much more than just the food, it is a total experience! For this reason, and because all our guests are equal in our eyes, we have decided to keep the price the same for everyone too.
Alles bij elkaar maakt een avond bij ’t Zusje tot een ware beleving, die iedereen uiteraard op zijn of haar eigen manier in kan vullen. Want, zoveel mensen zoveel wensen! Wij passen ons hier graag op aan en proberen zo flexibel mogelijk te zijn in de dingen die we doen.

We doen er alles aan om een fijne avond voor al onze gasten te creëren. Een avond bij ’t Zusje is daarom zoveel meer dan het etentje alleen, het is een totaalbeleving! Om die reden en omdat alle gasten in onze ogen gelijk zijn, hebben we besloten om ook de prijs gelijk te houden.

Even if you have a vegan diet, it is still possible to enjoy a full evening at ‘t Zusje. Although the choice is a bit more limited than the regular tapas menu. When booking, don’t forget to mention that you are vegan, and we will make sure the host or hostess has a separate tapas menu for you.

Naturally, we are pleased to hear that you have enjoyed our dishes! We do not give away our recipes, though. You can subscribe to our magazine Zusje&ZO via www.zusje-enzo.nl. Here we regularly share a number of ’t Zusje recipes with our subscribers.

We do our best at ‘t Zusje to keep the tapas menu as tasty and varied as possible for everyone; this means that we introduce new dishes once every three months, so that some of the other dishes will lose their place on the menu.

An evening at ‘t Zusje stands for wonderfully relaxed, full-bodied evening enjoyment, where you can order a maximum of 2 dishes per round. It is possible to order extra fries or salad per round.


It is only possible to make a booking at ’t Zusje via our booking line 0900-zusje (0900-98753) (20 cent per call). Making a reservation by using the Zusje-app is possible up to 6 people. More information about the Zusje-app can be found at Zusje-app.nl.

At ’t Zusje we do everything we can to provide our guests with an enjoyable evening. Our primary aim is to surprise and pamper people. A whole evening of relaxation and culinary enjoyment is what we promise our guests. An evening in which we have genuine and personal attention for our guests, and also for each other.

This is the reason why we have decided to deal with all the phone calls for all our restaurants in the Netherlands via a central telephone number. This is the only way to keep our promise to our guests when they visit ’t Zusje. Because the phone line to ‘t Zusje is always busy. Just like our personnel, in fact. They are happy to take the extra step to please you when you visit ’t Zusje. This is what they are good at and what they like doing.

We hope you understand that we made this decision to make your evening at ’t Zusje an unforgettable one.
Dit is de reden dat wij ervoor hebben gekozen om alle telefoontjes voor al onze vestigingen in Nederland via een centraal telefoonnummer te laten lopen. Dit is de enige manier om onze belofte aan onze gasten na te kunnen komen wanneer zij ’t Zusje bezoeken. De telefoon staat bij ’t Zusje namelijk nooit stil. Net als onze medewerkers trouwens. Zij zetten graag die stap extra om jou in de watten te leggen wanneer je ’t Zusje bezoekt. Daar zijn ze goed in en dat is wat ze graag doen.

Wij hopen dat je begrijpt dat we deze beslissing hebben genomen om jouw avond bij ’t Zusje tot een onvergetelijke avond te maken.

We are sorry to hear that you are unable to contact our booking line. Unfortunately, some providers do not recognise our 0900-number, or there may be a problem with the settings on your telephone.
For example, you may have blocked 0900 numbers in your settings.
Our website gives all the local phone numbers for our Zusjes.

Our 0900-number is not accessible from outside the country. On the “Our zusjes” page of our website, you will find the local phone numbers of all our restaurants, these can be reached from abroad.

At the moment, the weekends are extremely popular. We therefore advise you to book in good time for these days (one or two months in advance). To make a booking for a weekday, we advise you to do this at least two weeks in advance.

Our last-minute page gives a live overview of how many places are available per Zusje. You can also download our Zusje app, where you can give a preference for a date and location. If places become available on this date due to cancellations, then you will receive a push notification. We then advise you to contact us by phone as soon as possible to make your booking. You can find more information about the Zusje app via www.zusje-app.nl

You can alter or cancel your booking by phone.

No, we do not have a reserve list for ’t Zusje. On our last minute page, you can see straight away where there is room during the next 7 days. The calendar gives a live overview of the places available in one of our Zusjes.

It is not possible to be put on a reserve list. We advise you to make bookings for Christmas well in advance.


’t Zusje has something for everyone and is therefore ideal for dining with large groups. From 10 people, it is also possible to book a drinks package.

Large groups (10 or more people) may book a drinks package if desired, we do prefer you to specify this when making the booking so that we can take it into account.

The following prices apply for the drinks packages:

  • 3 hours unlimited beer/ wine/ soft drinks 19.80 p.p.
  • 4 hours unlimited beer/ wine/ soft drinks 24.50 p.p.

For children the following prices are applied:

  • For children aged 1 – 3 unlimited drinks for 3,50 per person
  • For children aged 4 – 12 unlimited drinks for 6,50 per person.

These prices include coffee/tea/water, and do not include food. The cost of a full evening of unlimited tapas is 34.80 p.p.


Children can also enjoy a full evening of culinary treats at ’t Zusje. We charge the following prices for children:

  • 0 – 1:    Free
  • 1 – 6:    8,80
  • 7 – 12:  16,80

Naturally, adults may also order dishes from the children’s menu. They still pay the adult’s price of 31.80, though.


Not all Zusjes are accessible for wheelchairs. Ask when booking about the facilities at the Zusje concerned.

We love animals too, but pets are not welcome in our Zusjes, with the exception of guide dogs.

We are happy to mark a guest’s birthday with a card and a firework decoration with the dessert. We need to know the name and age of the birthday guest. Please tell us these details when booking and we can take them into account.

On our website under the header “working at ‘t Zusje” there’s more information on open vacancies.

On the website under the heading “Our Zusjes” you will find information about parking options for each Zusje.

’t Zusje serves water produced by MADE BLUE at the tables. Each 0.70 l. bottle of water pays for 1,000 x as much clean drinking water in a developing country. This is enough to provide one person with enough water for drinking, cooking and washing for a month.

We do everything we can to make an evening at ’t Zusje a real evening out. This is reflected not only in our choice of dishes and the fact that we provide an evening of culinary enjoyment for a fixed price, but also in the presentation, the ambience of our restaurants, the friendliness and hospitality of our staff and those little extras we offer our guests. All in all, an evening at ’t Zusje is a memorable experience. An experience we would like everyone to have. We can only succeed in this by keeping our concept affordable for our guests, whatever their income. Without making concessions in quality, which would be unthinkable for us.

This is a considerable challenge, which we face every day for our guests with great pleasure. But because we make such efforts to keep the price of the ‘t Zusje experience low, we cannot afford to give it away with the other hand, so to speak. This is why we do not serve tap water in our restaurants, even if a guest has already ordered something else to drink. For all guests are equal in our eyes and deserve the same treatment. What we do is serve our guests a bottle of water at the table for a very reasonable price. This is the only way we can continue to do what we have done for so many years with such dedication and pleasure: provide our guests with a relaxed evening of good food and enjoyment.
Wij doen er alles aan om van een avond bij ’t Zusje ook écht een avond uit te maken. Dit komt niet alleen tot uiting in de keuze van onze gerechten en het feit dat je voor een vast bedrag avondvullend bourgondisch kunt genieten, maar ook in de presentatie, de aankleding van onze restaurants, de vriendelijkheid en de gastvrijheid van onze medewerkers en die kleine extra’s die wij onze gasten bieden. Alles bij elkaar maakt een avond bij ’t Zusje tot een ware beleving. Een beleving die wij iedereen gunnen. Dit kunnen we alleen voor elkaar krijgen, door ons concept betaalbaar te houden voor elke portemonnee. Zónder daarbij concessies te doen aan kwaliteit. Want dat willen we niet.

Een hele uitdaging, die we dagelijks met veel liefde en plezier voor onze gasten aangaan. Maar omdat we zo ontzettend ons best doen om de prijs van de Zusje-beleving laag te houden, kunnen we het onszelf niet permitteren om het aan de andere kant – bij wijze van spreken – weer weg te geven. Wat we wél doen, is onze gasten tafelwater van MADE BLUE serveren. En dat tegen een zeer schappelijke prijs. Samen met jou en al onze Zusjes zorgen we er op deze manier namelijk voor dat 325 gezinnen in ontwikkelingslanden tien jaar lang worden voorzien van toegang tot veilig drinkbaar water. Dit komt neer op maar liefst 120.000.000 liter schoon drinkwater per jaar! Zeg nou zelf, we kunnen toch enorm dankbaar zijn  dat we samen met jou iets terug kunnen doen voor anderen die minder bedeeld zijn?

When booking by phone, you can ask for a “pay on invoice form”. This will be sent to you by email. Please complete the form in full and return it by email. If we do not receive the form in time, we will not be able to comply with your payment request.

Your email will be answered as soon as possible during office hours.

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to reply to your email message outside office hours. This is the reason why you receive an automatic reply from us. Your email will be answered as soon as possible during office hours.

Gift Cards

’t Zusje has different gift vouchers available, for 34.80 and in multiples of 10.

It is possible to order the gift vouchers via our website or to buy them in person from one of our Zusjes after 14:00.

First of all, thanks for ordering a gift card! We ship the gift cards by mail with a track and trace code. This costs 4,00. We only deliver within the Netherlands. For delivery outside the Netherlands you can alwayscontact us.

The gift vouchers have unlimited validity.

The delivery time for the gift vouchers is 3-5 working days.

No, unfortunately VVV vouchers or other dinner cheques are not valid at ’t Zusje.


Please check your spam folder, the email may have ended up there.

Request a new password via the app. If this does not work either, please contact us at website@zusje.nl or fill in the contact form below. We will then delete your account. You can log in again by registering yourself again and following the complete procedure.

You can only check in if your are inside of one of our restaurants during our opening hours.

Then your scoring wil stop. We cannot play a role in your important calls or anything.

In order to save points you need to check in at one of our Zusjes. This uses GPS in your phone. With some phones this takes more battery capacity than other phones. In the current version of the app, the screen is already dimmed automatically while saving your points. In addition to this improvement, we are continuously working to ensure that the app uses as little battery as possible.

Yes! At Google play & Apple Story the Zusje-app is free to download.

At the moment, all ‘t Zusje restaurants are located in the Netherlands. For that reason, we have only released the Zusje-app in the Netherlands for the time being. There are therefore currently no plans to axpand the App to Belgium.

Staat jouw vraag er niet bij?

Neem dan gerust contact met ons op via ons contactformulier, onze reserveringslijn 0900 987 53 (20 cent per gesprek ) of onze Facebookpagina.

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