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From now on, you can arrange an evening of enjoyment all by yourself via the Zusje app. Simply, nice and relaxed from your lazy chair. Easy! Check availability at a single glance and book directly for up to 4 people. Would you like to have dinner with more people, do you have something to celebrate or do you want to pass on special (diet) requirements? Give us a call? Via 0900-ZUSJE (0900-98753).

Double enjoyment

During your Zusje evening, we want you to enjoy yourself without your phone. It’s much more enjoyable when you have undisturbed attention for each other and can eat delicious food at the same time. The Zusje app makes this twice as fun! Check in at ‘t Zusje and save points in no time for awesome Zusje prizes. If you secretly use your phone, you stop saving. But hey, you probably won’t!

Download the official de Zusje app for your smartphone:

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