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Privacy policy

The website “zusje.nl” and the associated internet services are made available to you by ‘t Zusje Franchise B.V. (from here onwards: ‘t Zusje), which has its registered office in Uden and is listed in the register of companies of the Brabant Chamber of Commerce under number 56443676. With respect to the protection of your privacy, the following policy applies.

‘t Zusje guarantees as far as possible the protection of the privacy of all visitors to the site. This means that we also expect the maximum effort from our business partners in safeguarding personal information.

An explanation is given below of what type of personal information we process, what we do with this information, the statutory background on which this is based and what you can do if you have any questions about this.

Processing of personal information

In connection with our services, ‘t Zusje records information (name, address, your telephone and fax numbers, your e-mail address). ‘t Zusje uses this information to carry out the agreement concerned, for its other services and to inform customers about existing or new products and services of ‘t Zusje, of the business partners it works with and of carefully selected third parties. In doing this, ‘t Zusje makes every effort to take your preferences into account.

If you do not wish to receive information about new or existing products and services, you can inform ‘t Zusje of this in writing to Adresregistratie, Boekelsedijk 2D, 5404 NK Uden or by e-mail to website@zusje.nl with “Adresregistratie” as subject line. We will then ensure that your personal details are blocked.

Removing your personal details?

We store your details on a Secure Server. Do you want us to remove your details from our database? Again, you can send an e-mail to website@zusje.nl.

Naturally, you can also inform us in writing. Our address is: t Zusje, Adresregistratie, Boekelsedijk 2D, 5404 NK Uden. ‘t Zusje will carry out your request within 7 working days.

Privacy policy and other websites

At www.zusje.nl, there are links to other websites. However, we are not responsible for the privacy policy of these websites. For more information about this, we refer you to the websites concerned.


Then send an e-mail to website@zusje.nl. If you have questions about your personal details or wish to change these, you can use this e-mail address too. We will be pleased to help you.


We retain the right to change our privacy policy at any time. But you will always find the most recent version on this page. So check our privacy policy on this website regularly.


This website makes use of cookies. A cookie is a small, simple file that a website stores on your hard disk via the browser. A cookie stores information. For example, we use a cookie to remember what you have done on this website in the past, so that you do not have to repeat this on your next visit.

Why do we use cookies?

– To improve the functioning of the website.
– To make the website easier to use.
– To measure whether visitors can easily find the information they require on our website.

Which cookies do we use on this website?

Permanent cookies
By using permanent cookies, we ensure that you do not have to repeat certain actions. We recognise the preferences that you entered during a previous visit to our website. This saves you time and makes the website easier to use. You can remove permanent cookies using your browser settings.

Session cookies
Session cookies are used during your visit and are automatically removed as soon as you close the browser. We remember which sections you have viewed during a visit and use this information when designing our services.

Google Analytics cookies
Google uses our website to install cookies, as part of the ‘Analytics service’. We use this service to keep track of visitor behaviour and to receive reports about how visitors use our website. We can then use this information to improve the website. The objective is therefore not to remember personal details, but to keep track of your actions on the website.

Social media cookies
You will find buttons on our website which you can use to promote our messages or web pages on social media. For example, ‘liking’ on Facebook or sending a ‘tweet’ via Twitter. These buttons work using pieces of code that originate from the social media platforms themselves. These pieces of code are used to place cookies. We have no influence on this. The social media platforms have their own privacy statements which state what they do with your personal information using the cookies.

Our own tracking cookies
We request a tracking cookie as soon as you visit a website from our network. This tells us whether you have visited the other website(s) from our network as well as our own website. The profile that is constructed in this way is not linked to your name, address, e-mail address etcetera, but serves only to match advertisements to your profile, so that these are as relevant to you as possible.

Right to inspection, correction or removal

You have the right to inspect, correct or remove your personal details. You can contact us about this. To prevent wrongful use, we may ask you to identify yourself.

Turning on, turning off and removing cookies

You can find more information about turning off, turning on and removing cookies in the instructions and/or using the Help function of your browser.

You will find more information about cookies (in Dutch) on the websites of Cookierecht and the Dutch ‘Consumentenbond’.


‘t Zusje has drawn up the information on this website with great care. It is nevertheless possible that certain information is incorrect and/or incomplete.

In no event can we be held liable for damage occurring as a result of direct or indirect use of material from this website.

‘t Zusje also reserves the right at all times to make changes to the information shown without prior warning.

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