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Eat tapas all evening for 31.80

during the Week Without Meat

We are challenged to participate in the National Week Without Meat from 9 to 15 March. For this one week, 't Zusje has a special menu full of delicious dishes without meat or fish. We are convinced that even in this way you can enjoy your evening of tapas eating. Will you join the challenge with us?

Participate and be surprised!
Reserve in this special week via

0900 ZUSJE (0900-98753)
(20 cent per call)



Main courses



Extra side orders:
• Fresh salad
• French fries with mayonnaise



You can order from the tapas menu until 22:30 with an extension until 23:00 for a dessert.

It’s a pity to waste food. Please help us to avoid this.
Enjoy yourself to the max and keep waste to a minimum!

All Zusjes have the menu available in Dutch and English.

‘t Zusje can also cater for dietary requirements. Please inform us of these when booking. Our kitchen team will then do their very best to take them into account.

Separate tapas lists are available for many dietary requirements: gluten-free, lactose-free and nut-free.

Product information for the allergens below is present at all our locations:

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De last minute pagina is in de maand juni niet beschikbaar,
voor reserveringen bel: 0900-98753