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Bastogne biscuit parfait with a drop of caramel sauce



Bastogne biscuit parfait

with a drop of caramel sauce

For 8 people


Bastogne parfait

40 grams egg yolk (pasteurised)
45 grams whole egg (pasteurised)
100 grams sugar
2.5 dl whipping cream (unsweetened)
4 Bastogne biscuits

Caramel sauce

100 grams sugar
2 dl ‘cooking cream’ (low-fat cream with added starch – in Dutch 'koksroom')


Method of preparation for Bastogne parfait

Whip whipping cream to yoghurt thickness. Place the egg yolk, whole egg and sugar in a basin and heat au bain-marie to 37 degrees Celsius. Beat until cold in the food processor to produce a frothy mass. Fold the mass into the whipped cream. Crumble the Bastogne biscuits and fold them into the mixture carefully. Fill the moulds and place them in the freezer.

Method of preparation for caramel sauce

Place the sugar in a pan and heat until the sugar has caramelised. Remove the pan from the heat and add the cooking cream. Allow the caramel to dissolve in the cream, stirring regularly. When the sauce is smooth then allow it to cool.


Remove the parfait from the mould and place in a tapas dish. Add caramel sauce and a rosette of whipped cream on the parfait. A sprig of mint can be added as a garnish.

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