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Tapas menu

Take a look at the delicious tapas menu of ‘t Zusje. Our menu is renewed 4 times a year with super tasty small dishes to make your evening tasteful & special.


Ham with melon

Cumberland sauce and a herb crumble

Gently cooked haddock

With pointed cabbage and rendang salad, served with curry mayo

Tom kha kai foam

With pointed cabbage and rendang salad, served with curry mayo

Seasonal starter

French salad

With duck confit, Serrano ham, egg and truffle sauce

Sweet potato salad

Sweet potato salad with a jalapeño and cheese croquette

Pulled chicken salad

With mozzarella foam and chimichurri

Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon

On vikingbread with guacamole and radish

Vegetarian vikingbread

With guacamole and radish

Mini portobello

Mushroom stuffed with goat cheese on Greek salad

Puff pastry

All-butter vol-au-vent with beef ragout

Vegetable ragout

All-butter vol-au-vent with vegetable ragout

Fish duo

Of smoked eel and trout

't Zusje caprese salad

't Zusje Classics



By Zusje's recipe

Creamy tomato soup

Creamy tomato soup

Goat cheese in bacon

With honey-thyme sauce

Prawn cocktail

Stewed beef

Á la maison with cauliflower salad and piccalilly mayonnaise

Garlic and herb mushrooms

Thai style beef tenderloin triangles

Thai style beef tenderloin triangles

Garlic king prawns

Garlic king prawns

Cheese croquette

With mustard sauce and fresh cauliflower salad

Mini USA classic burger

Mini beefburger, cheese, onion and barbecue sauce

Farmhouse fries

Black Angus croquette

With truffle mayo

Mars Mousse

With white chocolate sauce

Bastogne biscuit parfait

Bastogne biscuit parfait

With a drop of caramel sauce

Failed apple cake!?!

Failed apple cake!?!

Unconventionally delicious

Main courses

Steak bearnaise

Spicy chicken tenderloin

With spaghetti and truffle and cheese sauce

Sauerkraut tarte tatin

With a sweet onion compote

Pork belly and portobello combo

With truffle gravy

Mini schnitzel

With fried mushrooms


With guacamole and salsa

Baked sole roulade

Stuffed with pointed cabbage rendang and a creamy vadouvan sauce

Vegetable curry

With coconut rice

Loaded fries

Loaded sweet potato wedges with pulled pork and BBQ sauce


Filled with chicken, cheese, tomato relish and a blob of guacamole

German steak

With pepper sauce


Spinach and ricotta lasagne

BBQ pork belly

BBQ pork belly

With sweet potato salad and piccalilli sauce

Seasonal stew


With a parmesan sauce and grilled Little Gem lettuce

Venison steak

With red port sauce

Asian style chicken

Asian style chicken

With a crisp pak choi salad

Onion rings

Onion rings

Crispy coated onion rings with BBQ sauce

Spicy curry

With a chicken drumstick and coconut rice

Grilled vegan kebab

With a mini pitta and garlic sauce

Deep-fried calamari

With a refreshing lime dip

Tender blade steak

With parsnip mash and truffle gravy

Grilled pork tenderloin

With green beans and pepper sauce


With a white wine sauce and stuffed raviolo

Sweet potato wedges

With Heks'n Kaas (cream cheese dip)

Pan-fried jumbo shrimp

With an Asian style salad and tom kha kai foam

Mexican nachos

Mexican nachos

With a Cheddar sauce

Beef sesame

With coconut rice and chilli vinaigrette

Crispy cauliflower

With a parsnip mash and mushroom gravy

Grilled salmon fillet

With green beans and a dill sauce

Vegetable spring rolls

With sweet chilli sauce

Additional side dishes

  • Fresh salad
  • Truffle fries with Parmesan
  • Fries with peanut sauce


Pandan spekkoek

Indonesian layer cake with crunchy cinnamon ice cream

Lemon sorbet

Lemon sorbet

Surprisingly fresh!

Mars mousse

With white chocolate sauce

Crème brûlée

With a crispy layer of sugar

Bastogne biscuit parfait

Bastogne biscuit parfait

With a drop of caramel sauce


Fleshly squeezed orange juice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a mandarin foam

Italian amaretto sabayon

With dulce de leche ice cream

Warm brownie

Warm brownie

With vanilla ice cream

Wochi mochi

Sweet Indonesian steamed roll with chocolate and salted caramel, served with a scoop of praline ice cream

Failed apple cake!?!

Failed apple cake!?!

Unconventionally delicious


With forest fruit

You can order from the tapas menu until 22:30 and until 23:00 you can enjoy one of our delicious desserts.

At ‘t Zusje we do not like wasting food. Are you on the same page? Enjoy as much as you can and waste as little as possible!

We would like to hear from you about dietary requirements when you make your reservation. Our kitchen team will do its utmost to take this into account.

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