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Tapas menu

Our menu consists of special small dishes to make your moment as tasty as possible. You can order two dishes per person each round.

Laat je verrassen door de héérlijke tapas van 't Zusje.


Serrano ham

With crostini, herb oil, olives and smoked almonds

Chicory salad

With Gorgonzola and fried bacon bits

Beetroot macaron

And goat’s cheese, served with smoked beetroot and balsamic dressing

Seasonal starter

Steak tartare

On a home-made crostini

Cheddar croquette

Cheddar croquette

With piccalilli and cabbage salad

Smoked marlin carpaccio

With green herb dressing and crunchy crumble

Smoked salmon

On a crispy tostada with guacamole and spicy sriracha sauce

Mini portobello mushroom

With goat's cheese and wild rice salad

Game broth

With brunoise vegetables

Pumpkin salad

With curry and a Parmesan crisp

Puff pastry

All-butter vol-au-vent with chicken ragout

Artisan roll with goat cheese

Artisan roll with goat cheese

With oven-baked hazelnuts

Poke bowl

With tuna and sesame sauce

Wild rice salad

With baba ganoush, roasted chickpeas, feta and olives

Bekijk onze tapaskaart en ontdek jouw favoriete tapas gerechtjes.

't Zusje Classics



By Zusje's recipe

Creamy tomato soup

Creamy tomato soup

Goat cheese in bacon

With honey-thyme sauce

Prawn cocktail

Stewed beef

A la maison with cauliflower salad and piccalilly mayonnaise

Garlic and herb mushrooms

Thai style beef tenderloin triangles

Thai style beef tenderloin triangles

Garlic king prawns

Asian-style chicken

With coconut rice and sweet-and-sour vegetables

Mini USA classic burger

Mini beefburger, cheese, onion and BBQ sauce

Grilled pork tenderloin

With pepper sauce

Black Angus croquette

With parsnip mash, truffle mayo and hazulnut crumble

Cheese croquette

With raw vegetable salad, nacho crumble and sriracha mayo

Mars Mousse

With white chocolate sauce

Bastogne biscuit parfait

With a drop of caramel sauce

Failed apple cake!?!

Failed apple cake!?!

Unconventionally delicious

Main courses

Truffle steak

With truffle risotto and truffle gravy

Poached egg

With truffle risotto and bearnaise sauce

Chicken satay skewer

With noodles, pickled vegetables, satay sauce and kentang potato garnish

Spare ribs

With spicy noodles

Mini schnitzel

With fried mushrooms


With guacamole and salsa

Pan-fried fillet of sole

With grilled pumpkin and vadouvan sauce

Vegetarian bao bun

With 'No Beef'

Bao bun

Also delicious with pulled pork

Pollo wrap

Filled with chicken, cheese, tomato relish and a blob of guacamole

German steak

With pepper sauce

Plaice fillet

With antiboise and sweet-and-sour fennel

Pork belly

Pork belly

With parsnip puree and mustard buerre blanc

Seasonal main course


With truffle cheese sauce

Pil-pil prawns

Prawns cooked in a spicy garlic oil

Vegetable spring rolls

With sweet chilli sauce

Fried duck breast

With baba ganoush and wild rice salad

Onion rings

Onion rings

Crispy coated onion rings with BBQ sauce

Italian pesto ravioli

With a crispy parmesan cheese topping


Celeriac kebab with a mini pitta and garlic sauce

Mediterranean meat balls

In fresh tomato sauce


With ravigote sauce

Pasta aglio e olio

Pasta aglio e olio

With antiboise and mussels


With artisanal tomato sauce and fresh herbs

Tender blade steak

With parsnip mash and truffle gravy


With crispy onions, hoisin mayo and white cabbage salad


With caramelised sauerkraut and mustard beurre blanc

Grilled pork belly

With pumpkin toffee, crayfish and lobster foam

Mexican nachos

Mexican nachos

With a Cheddar sauce

Grilled salmon fillet

With French beans and a dill sauce



Churros with cinnamon sugar and vanilla cream

Lemon sorbet

Lemon sorbet

Surprisingly fresh!

Mars mousse

With white chocolate sauce

Crème brûlée

With a crispy layer of sugar

Bastogne biscuit parfait

Bastogne biscuit parfait

With a drop of caramel sauce


Fleshly squeezed orange juice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a mandarin foam

White chocolate mousse

With hazelnut praline and fudge

Warm brownie

Warm brownie

With vanilla ice cream

Mini cheese platter

Á la Zusje

Failed apple cake!?!

Failed apple cake!?!

Unconventionally delicious

Raspberry cheesecake

With white chocolate crumble

At ’t Zusje we do not like wasting food. Are you on the same page? Enjoy as much as you can and waste as little as possible!

We would like to hear from you about dietary requirements when you make your reservation. Our kitchen team will do its utmost to take this into account.

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